Map & Rules

Park Rules

Must be at least 18 to rent a campsite. An adult (at least 18) must be present at each campsite nightly.

The person renting the campsite will be held financially responsible for any and all damages to campground property or equipment by anyone from their campsite or their guests.

Everyone must register. Campers: Display car passes from rearview mirror. Visitors (fees apply).

All visitors must leave campground by 11:00 PM.

Drunken, lewd, or rowdy behavior will not be tolerated.

Quiet hours Midnight- 8:00 AM.

Unless at a campground authorized activity, everyone 17 and under must be back to their own campsite by 11:00 PM and everyone 18-20 must be back to their campsite by quiet time.

Persons under 18 not allowed in "Back Woods" after dark unless with a person at least 18.

For Safety: NO bike riding allowed after dark by adults or children.

Golf Carts allowed only to seasonals. Handicap needs: please check at office.

No agressive pets allowed.

All pets must be on a leash not more than 6 feet.

You must clean up after your pet.

Do not leave pets unattended.

Pets must not disturb other campers.

Pets are not allowed in camp buildings. Nor are they allowed in the mini-golf course, by the playground, beach area or front pond.

If you do not follow the pet rules, you could be asked to remove your pet from the campground.

Firearms, fireworks and sparklers are prohibited.

An adult must supervise children. Swimming and fishing: at your own risk. No lifeguard on duty. No swimming after dusk. No swimming in back pond. No boats, canoes, or rubber rafts allowed in ponds. Air mattress, tubes and child's floats can be used in front pond.

Parents are responsible for the actions and safety of their children.

Check-Out Time - 1:00 PM

Please respect other campers; use road instead of cutting through campsites.